Boy Finds Veteran’s Wallet With $2300 Inside, He Picks It Up And Walks Back To School

Tommy O’Connor, a high school student in California, found a wallet on the floor at his local 7/11. Inside, over $2000. Tommy was adamant to find the owner of the wallet and approached an assistant teacher, Anna Gomez, at his school. Together, the school and Tommy managed to find the owner, who just so happened to be a veteran.

When Tommy was interviewed for his wonderful act of kindness, he admitted that it would be wrong to take the wallet, as it was probably someone’s rent money.

But Tommy was not only praised by the media, he was also given major props by his mother, who was sincerely proud of her son. She sent him the text, “I’m very proud of you my son. Ms. Kalra called me. Wow, you’re one in a million. Love you to the moon and back,” to which Tommy replied, “You should be thanking yourself you raised me.”

What an awesome job, Tommy and Mr. and Mrs. O’ Connor. This is one of those feel-good stories that many love to hear about. If you agree, share it with your family and friends.

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