House Goes Up In Flames, Mom Straps Baby Into Car Seat And Throws Her Out The Window

Shelby was a new mother of a baby girl named Keana who was with her in the house. It was said that Shelby used her motherly instincts, strapped her child to a baby car seat, and threw her out of the window for safety. Unfortunately, Shelby did not survive but her infant child did.

Fireman, Ed Foglesonger, responded to the occurrence by saying, “I guess it’s the motherly instinct to take care of their young. We’re all wondering why she didn’t go out after the baby.” He also admitted that Shelby passed from smoke inhalation.

The county sheriff added that, “The house was engulfed in flames,” and that Shelby “was a hero since she put her baby in a car seat and dropped her to the ground.”

And to make the situation that much more heartbreaking, Shelby’s cousin, Shawna Burwell, talked about Shelby by saying, “Her 21st birthday was yesterday. And on Facebook, she had posted, ‘What a great birthday.’”

Keana was rushed to the hospital to be treated and is said to be living with relatives for the time being. Additionally, a GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family, with over $42,000 being raised so far. Our thoughts are with Keana and family.

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