About Us

Wiressurf is a independent digital media company, which leverages data and innovation to reach hundreds of millions of people globally.

Our massive cross-platform network includes: Wiressurf Originals, which creates articles, lists, quizzes, and videos; Wiressurf Media Brands, which comprises a portfolio of identity-driven lifestyle brands including Nifty, Goodful, As/Is, and Tasty, the world’s largest social food network; Wiressurf Studios, which produces original content across broadcast, cable, SVOD, film and digital platforms; and Wiressurf News, which includes world-class reporting and investigative journalism. The company also includes Wiressurf Commerce, which develops products and experiences, as well as licensing and other strategic partnerships.

We operate a global news organization headquartered in New York and an entertainment studio based in Los Angeles, with global offices in countries around the world. Our best work creates authentic audience engagement that fosters real-world impact, the infamous exploding watermelon, award-winning investigations from Wiressurf News, and our staple lists and quizzes.